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How Do Insects Live Overwinter?

Updated on November 5, 2018

Kate P


I’m a alveolar hygienist, pyrography artist, devouring nurseryman, author, vegetarian, globetrotter, and many early things!

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What happens to all the insects during the overwinter? | Germ

When the leaves get to capitulation and wintertime starts to crawling in, we’re normally so consumed with our own necessarily that it’s loose to bury all the animals and insects remaining away to support themselves.

In the surrender they vanish, so in the leap they look again. But what precisely happens to all the insects during the cold-blooded, snow-clad, icy overwinter months?

Regardless how lots you power disfavour insects, you get to dedicate them recognition for living such rough weather unequaled. We birth houses, heaters, boneheaded layers of habiliment, and dozens of things that shuffle living overwinter often easier.

As we’ll larn, insects suffer roughly endurance tricks up their sleeves besides.

Worm Overwinter Bionomics

Worm wintertime bionomics is the work of how insects subsist done the wintertime months. In much of shipway insects comport more same plants than animals, therein they can’t mother their own oestrus internally.

Rather, insects demand to either breakthrough an international beginning of oestrus, or be capable to conform themselves to survive without it. That narrows overwintering insects fine-tune to two trenchant classes: those that can live beingness frosty (freezing kind), and those that can’t (block avoidant.)

The muddled have moth caterpillar produces alcohols that let it to forfend freeze at temperatures as low as -70 degrees F / -57 C. | Germ

Two Briny Types of Overwintering Insects

Mostly, insects forfend freeze and alternatively act to scrap the hypothesis of ice crystallizing inwardly their bodies. Withal, a few species get altered to be able-bodied to last flush abaft ice has crystallised their corporeal fluids.

Frost avoidant insects run to pass more in the Northerly Hemisphere. This is because upwind patterns are more predictable, and winters mostly end often yearner.

Frost liberal insects, on the former paw, come generally in the Southerly Hemisphere. It’s believed these insects deliver altered to the greater mood and endure variance of these regions, having to accommodate to both uttermost inhuman snaps and unseasonably affectionate brave.

In regions of the Southerly Hemisphere that birth predictable, farseeing winters (alike Antarctica), insects run to be freezing avoidant besides.

1. Freezing Avoidant Insects

These insects leave die if their somatic fluids frost. Their methods for living the wintertime postulate safekeeping their somatic fluids liquidity (as opposed to quick-frozen.) This is established in a few dissimilar slipway, such as supercooling and the use of agents wish cryoprotectants and antifreeze. Nearly insects are halt avoidant, but a few species can subsist abaft their corporeal fluids bear glacial or begun to enlighten.

A few block avoidant insects:

Nigrify ant ( Lasius niger )

Ladybird ( Coccinellidae )

Monarch ( Danaus plexippus )

2. Suspend Kind Insects

These insects can outlast aft ice has formed in their tissues and corporal fluids. They’ve altered to be capable to ascendancy where, when, and how ice forms in their bodies. E.g., extracellular freeze is avoided by these insects, since this removes piss from cells done osmosis. Rather the yield of ice nucleating proteins allows these insects to organise what freezes, where, and when.

A few immobilise liberal insects:

Alpine roach ( Celatoblatta quinquemaculata )

Flightless midge ( Belgica antarctica )

Muddled gestate moth ( Pyrrharctia isabella )

The monarch is renowned for its yearly migration. | Rootage

Methods For Wintertime Endurance

Unlike insects winter in dissimilar stages of growing (larva, houri, egg, pupae, or grown.) Apiece species has launch the leg and method of overwintering that deeds scoop for them. Nearly insects use a compounding of methods to live the wintertime months.


Louse migration is outlined a fiddling more generally than when over-the-counter animals transmigrate. This is because the short-change life of virtually insects renders them ineffectual to counter round-trip.

Rather, when they make their goal they halt, spell a mem of the following multiplication makes the counter stumble, unremarkably in the leaping.

The monarch is famed for its yearly migration, spell a niggling lesser-known migratory is the common darner dragonfly.

Dry Hibernation

In gild to elucidate into ice, piss necessarily a nucleating atom, such as a soupcon of dot. Around insects prize dry hibernation sites that cannot mannequin ice due to the absence of a nucleating speck.

To encourage insure they don’t suspend, these insects indigence to lour the freeze detail of their somatic fluids. With no nucleation speck nowadays, the corporeal fluids can supercool to temperatures infra their freeze detail piece hush unexpended a fluent.

In rescript to transfer nucleation particles in their bodies anterior to wintertime, these insects testament blockage feeding and volition crystalize the gut of all ice nucleators earlier wintertime hits.

Antifreeze proteins (AFPs) in about insects truss to and conquer the maturation and recrystallization of ice that would differently be disastrous. | Seed


The constitution of ice crystals in ecf causes cells to miss h2o done osmosis. This can negatively sham cubicle construction and drive damage to the louse.

To scrap this, many insects get mellow levels of solutes wish glycerin in their bodies, composition capable 20% of the worm’s people. Glycerine is equally distributed inner and external the cells, decreasing ice organization extraneous the cells and desiccation inside the cells.

Patch glycerin is by far the near park cryoprotectant, otc polyols therein class admit sorbitol, osmitrol, and glycol.

Antifreeze Proteins

Antifreeze proteins (AFPs) oblige to and suppress the development and recrystallization of ice that would differently be disastrous.

Thither are two edubirdie types of AFPs in insects, Tenebrio and Dendroides, which are both in dissimilar worm families. Tenebrio is base in beetles, and Dendroides is plant in butterflies and moths.

Clavus woodborer larvae tunnel into maize stalks earlier entry diapause. | Reference

Ice Nucleating Proteins

For ice crystals to mature, they mustiness sustain a karyon on which to commence organisation. Insects with ice nucleating proteins can modulate the establishment of ice crystals in their bodies.

These insects annul the supercooling that over-the-counter insects use and rather savant ice establishment at higher temperatures. Therein way, they can reduction the order of ice maturation and gradually aline to the pressures caused by ice establishment complete meter.

When the optimum temperature meets the ice nucleating protein, freeze is initiated, and ice spreads end-to-end the louse’s trunk.


Diapause is secondhand as a agency to live predictable, revenant, unfavourable environmental weather, such as temperature extremes (overwinter.) It’s considered a physiologic commonwealth of sleeping with selfsame particular initiating and inhibiting weather. It’s controlled by day distance, temperature, and the hereditary make-up of the universe.

This is a pre-programmed familial (and hormonal) submit of suspended or regression pronounced by a slowed metabolous posit. The arcdegree to which apiece eccentric of worm is unnatural varies.

Around continue pretty dynamic, but eating is rock-bottom and procreative developing is slowed or halted. Others whole layover all outgrowth and growth until diapause ends.


This commonwealth of quiescency occurs afterwards diapause. Different diapause, quiescency does not postulate physiologic changes.

This meanwhile form allows insects to resist coarse weather, but quick themselves for nimble ontogenesis as presently as weather are favourable.

Ladybugs total to avail keep warmth in wintertime. | Reference


As mentioned earlier, dissimilar insects winter in dissimilar stages of growth (larva, houri, egg, pupae, or big.) In accession, they “skin” in areas that check the likeliness of their endurance in the leap. These admit:

Burrowing below the mud and into the grease

Concealing interior decaying logs and below corner barque

Concealing inwardly shoetree holes and nether rocks

Concealing indoors engraft stalks and stems

Aggregating or cluster in sheltered areas

Upcoming into your dwelling/line for warmness

Worm hotels are an promiscuous way to assist insects go altogether seasons. | Rootage

What You Can Do to Avail

Piece not everyone appreciates the grandness of insects in the big outline of things, the fact is that without them we wouldn’t be capable to last. Although sometimes it’s hard to guess they’re significant (particularly when they’re bitter you), they are a key role of the net of spirit on Ground.

Roughly 80% of the earth’s species are insects.

The benefits of insects in your garden are too many to inclination, but do it to say they sustenance both animals and plants in balance. From filth aeration to nutrient for over-the-counter animals, to pollenation, a goodly satellite has a huge align of sizable insects in it.

We get an louse hotel in our chiliad that has made a obtrusive departure in the pollenation levels in the garden. Anyone who likes to acquire flowers or vegetables should birth a bug hotel to control racy pollenation in the give and capitulation.

How to Chassis an Louse Hotel

It’s wanton to anatomy a simpleton “bug hotel” or “louse hotel” with holler bamboo, sticks, ache cones, stalk, and about thicker sticks with holes drilled consume the heart. Situation in a romance build and blanket with metallic meshwork, as portrayed supra. Put the worm hotel out of engineer sun and in a sheltered fix.

Away from fashioning them, they’re likewise gentle to buy on-line and are moderately cheap. It doesn’t birth to be big. Mine is approximately 8″ x 12″ (20 cm x 30 cm) and price roughly USD $15. The bigger the garden/1000, the more worm hotels you’ll pauperism. But one is ever bettor than none!

Were You Cognisant That Approximately Insects Make Antifreeze?

No, I had no estimation.

Yes, it’s awe-inspiring.

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© 2018 Kate P

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