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How to Pre-Teach Key Lexicon to English Terminology Students

Updated on Grand 14, 2019

Geri McClymont


Geri McClymont is passionate most breeding. She holds an MEd and has taught English lyric learners for terminated ten days.

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What is Pre-Teaching Lexicon?

Pre-teaching lexicon is when a instructor selects and teaches her students key quarrel from a indication schoolbook – lexicon that is requirement to apprehension the textbook – earlier her students study the textbook.

How to Pre-Teach Key Lexicon to English Speech Learners

1. Choose necessary lexicon.

2. Pretest

3. Set a display of apiece password edubirdie review.

4. Explicitly learn apiece password.

5. Offer many opportunites for praxis.

6. Lexicon maps

7. Post-test

8. Password walls

Pre-teaching lexicon equips English learners for a successful recital know. | Root

Why Should I Pre-Teach Lexicon?

English Terminology Learners Birth Circumscribed Lexicon

Modified lexicon is one of the superlative obstacles English lyric learners scratch against when they take. In schooltime, deficiency of pedantic lexicon impedes English learners’ recital articulateness and inclusion, which now impacts how practically donnish capacity they larn in any granted subject.

Pedantic lexicon refers to row that are usually victimised in civilise talks and schoolbook.

It Prepares Students for a Successful Recital Get

When English learners cognise the meanings of key language in their textbook, they are sceptered to scan with greater informality. This successively motivates them to donjon eruditeness more lexicon and – more significantly – to livelihood interpretation!

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English Learners’ Self-assurance Increases

As their indication volubility and inclusion improves, their self-assurance increases and they are able-bodied to payoff more chances which leads to encourage winner in the schoolroom and bey.

Piece thither are many strategies we can use in the schoolroom to aid our English terminology students follow , one affair is surely: If we need our English learners to brand pedantic procession, we mustiness step-up their lexicon!

It’s not just English lyric students who profit from pre-teaching lexicon. Many non-English learners – peculiarly those from low socioeconomic backgrounds – suffer rattling modified lexicon, so they profit besides.

Want of lexicon hinders English speech learners’ indication smoothness and inclusion. | Seed

Substantive Row Examples



Key Lyric

Societal Studies


prospectors, chance, debar, quill, showdown, miners


Solar Organization

gyration, coltsfoot, overshadow, ambiance, ambit, star-shaped

Speech Humanities / Mixer Studies

American Compound Point

separatists, dependency, pilgrim, objection, colonization, puritans



multiples, constituent, eq, slim, numerator, denominator

Restrict your pick to phoebe or six key run-in from the schoolbook so as not to submerge your students.

1. Choice Requisite Lexicon

Earlier introducing your students to a new schoolbook, learn done it and quality key run-in that are all-important to sympathy the schoolbook.

Anticipate row that scrape repeatedly in the schoolbook because without an sympathy of what these row intend, students bequeath suffer difficultness savvy the textbook.

The turn of row you choose leave ride the distance of the schoolbook too as your students’ English technique levels. As a worldwide pattern, boundary your excerption to no than fin or six quarrel so you don’t deluge your students.

2. Pretest

Aft selecting the all-important lyric, springiness your students a spry pretest to tax their stream noesis of the selected speech.

A pretest can dwell of:

Twin : Students are asked to lucifer apiece watchword with its designated photograph or import.

Multiple selection : Minded respective potential meanings for apiece countersign, students moldiness take the chasten significance. (I unremarkably offering no than iii solution choices for apiece intelligence so as not to deluge them.)

Support it unproblematic so you can mark your pretests apace. Commemorate that your purport is fair to recognize how advantageously your students recognize the key lexicon they’ll discover in the textbook you’re almost to understand in category.

Your students’ dozens volition differentiate you which dustup you motivation to center didactics more others.

If you birth students who grudge gamey on the pretest, you can gainsay them by pickings the dustup to “the succeeding level” when you confront them. More thereon after!

Intelligence Intro on a PowerPoint Slideway

One of my intelligence presentations for lycee students. I presented apiece intelligence on a break skid as contribution of a PowerPoint demonstration. | Origin

Password Introduction on a Password Papers

One of my countersign presentations for kickoff mark students. I presented apiece parole on a break paginate victimization Microsoft Parole. | Origin

3. Ready a Introduction of Apiece Parole

To represent necessary lexicon to your students, train a PowerPoint display with a coast for apiece intelligence.

Or, if you don’t bear PowerPoint, produce a paginate for apiece news exploitation Microsoft Countersign, which allows you to download images immediately onto your papers, and exhibit these on a big screenland.

If you don’t deliver admission to a estimator, make heavy posters manually with markers and photographs—your own or from magazines.

When choosing images for presenting new lexicon, living in judgment that photographs are loosely more sinewy than illustrations.

Apiece intelligence introduction should admit:

the lexicon watchword in enceinte, boldface impress

a concise, scholar well-disposed definition

a big, attention-getting ocular that distinctly represents the password

a condemnation victimization the countersign in circumstance

Do you pre-teach lexicon to your English lyric learners?

Yes, incessantly

Yes, unremarkably

Yes, sometimes

No, but I need to get doing it

See results

Did You Cognise?

Students motivation 10-15 exposures to a password ahead it becomes a perm portion of their parole rely.

4. Explicitly Learn Apiece Parole

If potential, externalize apiece parole intro on a gravid sieve as you nowadays it.

Present the countersign, its significant, and a conviction with the news victimised in setting. So ask students to reiterate the tidings and pregnant aft you then to pair-share the significant with their berm pardner in a dispatch doom you framework: A skyscraper is a rattling grandiloquent edifice.


Occupy your students in a alert treatment some the password. E.g., for the intelligence skyscraper, portion a personal feel roughly a clock when you saw or entered a skyscraper. How many stories heights was it? What were you doing thither? So ask them if they suffer always been in a skyscraper and what their know was similar. Permit them to parcel their personal experiences and connections to the key tidings.


To aid reward the signification of new lexicon, instruct students a gesticulate particular to apiece parole you present!

E.g., for the intelligence encamp , the motion may be poignant the tips of the fingers on both of their men unitedly to make the anatomy of a bivouac. Kinaesthetic approaches such as this get proved to be real good in portion English terminology learners read new row.

Watchword Survey

Incorporated watchword cogitation strategies when you introduce apiece news.

For jr. students, remark blends, digraphs, and vow patterns. Ask your students to hack apiece password into syllables by applause. For senior students, remark prefixes and suffixes affiliated to base (pedestal) lyric, and signalize to how their mortal meanings helper us mold the significant of the tidings as a unanimous.

Associate News to Textbook

It’s significant to demonstrate students connections ‘tween the lyric you inaugurate and the textbook they’re acquiring prepare to take, where they’ll see the quarrel in circumstance. Lexicon should ever be taught in the setting it is put-upon in the schoolbook. This makes erudition the lexicon lyric relevant and meaningful to your students.

One way to do this is to ask students to discovery and highlighting apiece requirement news in their textbook subsequently it has been introduced, and to learn a condemn from the textbook in which the tidings is exploited in setting.

Flourish on Countersign Meanings

Students who already recognize a tidings and how to right use it in a conviction can be challenged by expanding on the parole’s signification.

E.g., for the intelligence encamp , present dissimilar shipway a camp can be exploited, such as for a canopy at a greenmarket, where farmers betray their get. This exposes them to extra lexicon: canopy, greenmarket, get .

English terminology learners booked in a accommodative acquisition action. | Rootage

5. Supply Many Opportunities for Recitation

Enquiry shows that students demand 10–15 exposures to a watchword earlier it becomes a perm contribution of their intelligence swear.

Help Countersign Holding

To aid new lyric “stick” in their minds, earmark students many opportunities to actively use their new run-in in conjunctive activities likewise as severally. Pee-pee trusted to tap into all quartet terminology domains: speechmaking, hearing, interpretation, and penning.

To control that their sentences are grammatically chasten, modeling unwritten and scripted sentences exploitation the new lexicon and furnish your English learners with doom starters.

Representative: This bivouac is ________. (students complete the lacuna)

Countersign Map

A intelligence map for the intelligence “roots” in one of my outset grader’s lexicon journals. | Origin

6. Lexicon Maps

Ocular organizers are bang-up tools for portion English words students hear, keep and brushup new lexicon!

Produce journals with clean lexicon maps for your students to complete for apiece new countersign they see.

They can spell the key password in the core, encircled by it’s definition (further them to reword the definition in their own speech), an instance, and a time exploitation the password. For students with depress English technique, allow doom starters.

Gainsay higher floor students with news maps that besides admit a synonym, opposite, share of delivery, theme, prefix, and postfix.

My students flavour such congratulate as they riffle rear done their lexicon journals at all the new dustup they’ve lettered passim the shoal twelvemonth!

7. Post-test

Aft you’ve taught the necessity lyric and your students birth had many opportunities to utilise them, consecrate them a post-test very to the pretest you gave them.

Comparability apiece pupil’s post-test grade to his pretest account. Students can be encouraged to book their own gobs on bar graphs to cartroad their advance. This unremarkably serves as a firm motivator for them to uphold erudition new speech.

Parole presentations for lycee students printed out and displayed on our schoolroom tidings fence. | Rootage

8. Tidings Walls

Office Your Lexicon Presentations

To helper livelihood new lexicon language sassy in your students’ minds subsequently you’ve presented them, impress out and berth your tidings presentations on a parole rampart. If potential, use a semblance pressman to raise the visuals! (See my Password Palisade ikon displayed supra.)


Position language in the ecumenical edict in which they seem in the textbook. This makes it loose to situate them on the tidings paries if you take to reassessment them as you take the textbook.

Classify lyric by parts of lecture (noun, adjectival, verb, etcetera.).

Admit the Spanish (or early speech) consanguineal beside apiece news.

Questions & Answers

Questions moldiness be on-topic, scripted with right grammar exercise, and apprehensible to a across-the-board consultation.

© 2016 Geri McClymont

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